COMGUILD Center is an award-giving body and one of the fastest growing alternative learning institutions in the country that offers conferences, seminars, workshops, regional congress, and international tours of different field of studies. Through these offerings, we encourage, educate, inculcate and inspire our students/ professionals to be competitive and responsible practitioners of their own fields.

True to our mission of educating students we have conducted numerous annual national events for Masscom and Journalism, Criminology and Political Science, IT and Computer Science, Marketing and Advertising Conferences and continuously growing and having more participants each year. Along with these events, we showcase the talent/skills of our attendees through TVC Contests that is adjudged by professionals and speakers of each event.

To further impart knowledge and continuously inspire students and professionals, International Tours in countries and the Summer Journalism and Broadcasting Workshop were also initiated. Through this endeavor student/professional-participants were able to learn and appreciate the latest trends, techniques, and technology in their own field.

COMGUILD Center also serves from 2006 as an award-winning body called COMGUILD MEDIA AWARDS and COMGUILD ACADEMES CHOICE AWARD that recognizes the exemplary work of local broadcasters and news presenters, practitioners, celebrity endorses deliberated by a reputable Board of Judges comprised of highly regarded educators, heads and the deans of different college and universities in the country.